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Plan, pay, go.

Ready for a world of travel experiences, without the financial hangover?

Create a flexible Plan and pay before you go, so you can relax on your holiday, without debt waiting for you when you get back home.

Your customised Plan is easy to set up and is completely fee free. The cost of a Plan is simply the cost of your holiday divided into even upfront payments across either weekly or fortnightly instalments. And if your Plan doesn't quite pan out, our customer success team are happy to help.

How do I pay later with PlanPay?

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Choose a holiday package, cruise, hotel, or tour, or even build your own!

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Set up your account so you can keep track of your payments 24/7

Step 3: Select PlanPay at Checkout

  • Book ahead for smaller weekly instalments (psst, for fortnightly instalments contact our team)
  • Automatic instalments via debit or credit card
  • Minimum weekly instalment $10